It's just that simple.
Welcome sunshine

So you would like to install solar panels. But where do you start with all the different types and all that complicated info?
It’s easy. At Denim. How does it work?

Even that is simple.

  • First make an appointment with one of our Denim partners.
  • Our Denim-partner drops by to look at your roof, works out what the options are and makes a suitable proposal.
  • Coffee time! You discuss the proposal and if you are satisfied, you will get a formal quotation.
  • If you approve the quotation, set a date for the installation. Done!
  • Ding dong. Ah, the installer at the door. Most of the time, the solar panels are installed on the roof within 1 day. Then it’s just enjoying the sight of those shiny Denim panels!
  • Ready, steady, go. From now on you are generating your own electricity. It’s that easy.
Fixed quickly right?

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